General FAQs

Where can I log in to my Merch Jar account?

To log in to an existing account, please visit:

How often is my data in Merch Jar refreshed?

Data in Merch Jar is updated automatically every 6 hours. You will find the most recent update's date and time at the top of the application window.

How long does it take for my bid changes to take effect?

Any changes made, using bulk actions or inputting changes directly in fields like campaign daily budget, are pushed to Amazon and take effect immediately.

Is my data in Merch Jar safe?

Merch Jar uses state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure your data is safe, secure, and only accessible to you.

How does Merch Jar use my advertising data?

The Amazon Advertising API gives Merch Jar the past 60 days of data from your account. Merch Jar stores your advertising account's data starting from 60 days before the date you successfully link your Amazon Advertising and Merch Jar accounts. Storing the data allows for larger snapshots and a historical view of your search term and keyword data.

What countries does Merch Jar work in?

Merch Jar currently works for all US Amazon Advertising markets. New markets are currently under development.

Cameron Scot

Merch Jar Cofounder